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Wednesday, 19 February 2014 16:06

Jax Sherrell: A Buddha at Academy-North

“I’m not satisfied completely with the person I am—my life’s not over yet.” Said jax sherrell a senior at academy north.  He goes on to say that,“I wouldn’t make any changes in my life, because life is life, and you’re not supposed to change anything.” Jax`s road wasn’t always an easy one. He had struggles at Hoffman estate high school which led him here to academy north last winter. But to overcome this he found meditation.

“Happiness is whatever you want it to be- it is the outcome of everything you do and try.” Jax is no ordinary student. He is a practicing buddisim and meditates daily. “Meditation is everything. It’s a way of life- it’s part of my main goal to become a person.” Jax has been meditating since sophomore year of high school. When asked how he got into meditation he said,” I was going through a crappy time in my life and the more I meditated the more I learned how to be happy. And the more I learned how to be happy, the more I learned about myself and the ways I could be more happy- by living peacefully and giving people in the world love.” That’s not all jaxs gets out of meditation, he also gets “Relaxation, but that’s not really why I do it- it’s just one of the outcome. I really do it because it give me focus… something to focus on, something to concentrate on. It’s practice.“

Jax has used meditation to make him a calm and happy person. It is apperent to his classmate and teachers that he gives off a calm and peaceful energy. His meditation practice has helped him to have a great appreciation for everyone and everything in his life. “Ever I might in life has some sort of impact on me in some way. Everybody I meet I have some sort of empathy for. When I think about what they go through in their life I tend to learn more and it makes me grow more- to have empathy for people and realize what else might be going on.”

Even though  jax has an appreciation for everyone he is not perfect he does get angry like everyone else. When asked what makes him angry he said, “Teasing- Bullying makes me angry” While many people might act out or make poor decisions with their anger, jax is able to channel it to help the people that cant help themselves. “I tell the other person that they’re doing wrong and then I walk away. I’m not trying to start anything, but I want them to know it’s wrong.”

Everything jax has done in his life he feels has been an accomplishment. Jax is greatful for everything that has been given to him and values life.” I value everything. Life is a gift. Considering all the planets and galaxies that are out there that we are the ones who are chosen to live- it’s a gift.”

By: Brandon Swets

Jax Sherrell


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By Brandon Swets for Academy-North


Mr. Archer, the art teacher at Academy North and Ms. Petykowski, a Teachers Assistant, have founded a mural club at Academy-North high school. Mural club is to take place each Thursday from 3:15 to 4:15 P.M. in the art room. Mr. Archer said, in discussing his purpose for founding mural club, “I want kids to start thinking big-picture. I want people to start using their talents to make the world a better place.” Mr. Archer has painted many murals before, including one at FLO where students regularly go to work out, as well as two at Academy-North. Mr. Archer, who has taught at Academy-North for eight years, has been creating great works of art since he was seven years old. Ms. Petykowski said that her goals for mural club are to bring art around the school as well as to enable people that are unable to enroll in art class  to still have an opportunity to participate in art. Ms. Petykowski said that she started art classes when she was around five and has been creating art ever since. This is also her first year teaching art but she’s ready to have fun with art! Ms. Petykowski is excited to get people into are especially people that haven’t made art that much and hopes they get into it. Mr. Atcher said that they are seeking teacher input for the subjects of the murals displayed outside of each classroom. The artwork is supposed to give a calming feel, and to help students with their artistic abilities. This year the mural club they are working on murals around Academy North to give it more of a home school feel. Presently students participating in mural club include Jamar, Betty, Nikki, and Joey. Mr. Archer says that it is his goal to increase productivity in students and cover up all these bare blue walls. Joey, from mural club says that he likes it and that it is really fun to be a part of. Betty, when discussing mural club stated that it has been a great experience so far “I just want to relax and learn new art techniques.” If you have any questions, or would like to participate, about art club just email Mr. Archer at   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

A mural painted by Mr. Archer that hangs at FLO MMA gymA mural by Mr. Archer and a former Academy-North student painted in the north hallway of the school


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